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Dr Kids™ Phonics & Phonetics, which is different from ordinary phonics course, it was developed for Asian people to learn phonics. To facilitate the development and learning ability of children, songs, poems and games were designed for Dr Kids™ Phonics course. In addition, supplementary teaching tools, such as songs, learning software and flashcards are provided other than the textbooks. With these teaching tools, both the teaching quality and learning progress can be standardized. Meanwhile, students can enjoy the most professional and special phonics experience.

    The course is designed into 3 levels from the easiest. Students can grasp the knowledge step by step and understand the thorough phonics system.
    Dr Kids™ Phonics & Phonetics includes IPA which assure students learn accurate pronunciation of all English words.
    When the first two stages are completed, grasp the skills of reading and spelling for 80% of all English words. They are able to pronounce and spell most of the English words which are especially important for Asian children.
    As students are able to read and spell new words easily, their confidence of learning and using English would be improved greatly.
    Interactive games and songs are applied in the small-sized class in order to make the lessons more interesting and interactive.
    The course focus on listening and speaking part which is the weakness of most of the students. Learning phonics skill serves as the basic step for students to learn English.
    Dr Kids™ Phonics & Phonetics teaches complex IPA symbols in an easy way where students can grasp the accurate pronunciation of the words easily.

Why study Dr Kids Phonics and Phonetics?

The main targets of DrKids™ Phonics & Phonetics are students aged two to twelve. It aims at helping students to learn during the brain rapid development period. This golden period of brain development enables students learn phonics in the shortest period of time with the fastest speed. The foundation of phonics could be built easily.

The whole set of phonics system is comprehensive that it focus on spelling and standard pronunciation of students whose mother language is not English. IPA is also included in our syllabus. Our creative nursery rhymes are mixed with the element of pop songs which sounds more relaxing. Students can learn in games. They can gradually speak fluent English and enhance the confidence of learning English.

DrKids™ Phonics focuses on three different aspects to help learners improve their spelling, reading, and pronunciation.

  • IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet): It is the standardized representation of sounds and IPA is integrated into DrKids™ Phonics to help learners with accurate pronunciation of English.
  • Initial and Final Sounds: Learners who are beginning to learn English will first learn initial and final sounds to help learners distinguish the sounds of the alphabet. This is also a useful skill for learners with trouble in pronunciation and spelling.
  • CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant): Students will first learn blending with CVC. Students will have already learned initial and final sounds and they will practice blending with short vowel. Then CVC is later used for multisyllabic words to help students pronounce and spell them.

Learning Materials

The syllabus of DrKids™ Phonics & Phonetics is comprehensive, ensuring students to learn accurate pronunciation step by step. In addition, comprehensive teaching materials and all-rounded complements allow students to learn phonics effectively and happily. Textbooks are written to suit the need of students and let them review what have learnt in lessons. Reviewing the old and learning the new at the same time can strengthen the foundation of their phonics skill. Besides, a series of phonics rhymes in CD enable students to learn English in a relaxing way.

With the development and popularization of mobile applications, teaching becomes more and more interactive. A series of education software, including nursery rhymes, online games and tests, is developed for DrKids™ Phonics & Phonetics. By interactive teaching mode, students can learn and be familiar with phonics actively. Flashcards are designed to aid their learning. By scanning the QR code on the cards, students can listen to the pronunciation of the words anywhere and at anytime.

Textbooks: All of the textbooks include exercises for students to practice what they have learnt. Between different lessons, tests are also included to examine the progress of the students' learning.

Walker level: Level 1 introduces the initial and final sounds of the 26 letters and also the blending of words with short vowels.

  • Letter tracing of capital and small letter A-Z
  • Letter sound of A-Z
  • Initial and final sound of A-Z in phonics world
  • Five short vowels – a, e, i, o, u

Jogger level: Level 2 teaches learners the different sounds of the vowels a, e, i, o, u and prefix blending. It begins with a section for students to review the initial and final sounds of a-z.

  • 24 vowels including long vowels, short vowels, r-vowels, diphthongs and special vowels
  • Blending skills
  • Consonant blending: Prefix blending

Runner level: Level 3 continues with suffix blending, syllables, CVC, andminimal pairs and IPA.

  • Consonant blending: suffix blending
  • Syllabication
  • Minimal pairs
  • IPA